Quando una mamma italiana cucina / When an Italian mummy cooks

Stuffed squids

Easy cook to impress fish recipe for 4 lucky bunnies.

Buy some large fresh squids. Remove their skin and the interiors keeping their tentacles and wash them thoroughly.

Prepare the stuffing putting into a food processor one french onion, two tea spoons of Madras powder, one large egg, one glass of bread crumbs, one pinch of salt and pepper, parsley. Mix up and add a drop of water if you see that the compost is too dry.

Fill the squids up considering that the filling will grow double during the cooking. Close them with a toothpick and place them in a pan with evo, two cloves of garlic, some Piccadilly tomatoes, salt and pepper like this:


Cook them on medium eat each side adding half glass of wine.


Usually they are ready within 40  minutes. Now you can add some parsley (which I didn’t, because I hadn’t enough)





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