Quando una mamma italiana cucina / When an Italian mummy cooks

Strascinati handmade pasta in tomatoes and mozzarella sauce

Hand made pasta in Italy is a mantra. There are about 100 different shapes you can make it, all differently seasoned.

I have to be honest, I usually buy it as the process to make it is quite time-consuming and you find it in supermarkets very easily.

This time I bought a shape called “strascinati” which means drag along.  Because in Italy is quite hot at the moment, I like to it pasta with a fresh seasoning. This I will explain you is very easy to prepare.

Buy some piccadilly tomatoes, open them in half and remove the seeds which would add acidity that we do not need. Put them to steer with some evo, garlic, basil, salt and pepper for about 10 minutes. In the same time put the water to boil your pasta and put in a blender some mozzzarella, basil and a bit of evo. Blend!

When the water is boiling, throw your pasta in and cook it. When done drain it and add it to the tomatoes and the mozzarella compost. Mix well and you’ll see the mozzarella melt.

This is the right time to serve it.





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