Quando una mamma italiana cucina / When an Italian mummy cooks

Meat cigars

This is actually my last invention!!! I am testing some new recipes suitable for my daughter and I came out with this. Tasted by adults, was a great success, as it is fresh and light but tasty. Here is the process.

You need 1/2 kg. mince, suitable for two adults (pork, venison or pork as you prefer) and very fine slices of the same meat (like carpaccio). Put it into a food processor the mince with plenty of parmesan, an egg yolk and half of the white. Then, make cigars shape and brush them with the egg white that you have put on a side. Then, roll them up into the meat slices and seal the extremity with the egg white again (this is done to prevent accidental openings during the cooking).


In a pan put some evo and sliced leek; lying on it the cigars. Add a sparkle of salt and pepper (if it’s done for adults), one lemon zest and parsley or coriander. Cook them for about 10 minuted at medium heat. You can accompany them with a mixed salad or mashed potatoes/carrots. This is the result.


Let me know if you liked them!


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